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Novena to Our Lady in Preparation for the Feast of Her Assumption

Friday, August 7th, 2015




Below is a copy of an email which was sent out to the parishioners of St. Mary’s Parish this morning.
The Novena Prayer we are using will be found below the quotation from Pope Emeritus Benedict:


My Dear Parishioners of St. Mary Church:

Praised be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate!

I am writing to remind you that today, August 7th, the first Friday of the month, we begin, as a parish family, the Novena to Our Lady in preparation for the Feast of her Assumption into Heaven – nine days of prayer (August 7th through the 15th). The special intention of this novena is for the return of those who have abandoned the practice of the Faith.  If you have forgotten about participating in these nine days of prayer, I earnestly invite you to be part of the novena – that we may be united in one heart and voice, asking the intercession of the Holy Mother of God to move the hearts of those who, for whatever reason, have left their Father’s house and are living without the powerful grace of the Sacraments, given by Our Divine Savior to His Church.  The Novena Prayer was included in last weekend’s bulletin.  If you have misplaced it, or didn’t receive a bulletin, I have it attached the Novena Prayer to this email in both Word and PDF formats.  We will also pray the Novena Prayer after the weekend Masses and after the Masses throughout the week leading up to the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption on Saturday, August 15th, the last day of the novena.

Deo gratias et Mariae,

-Father Lawrence


“By contemplating Mary in heavenly glory, we understand that the earth is not the definitive homeland for us either, and that if we live with our gaze fixed on eternal goods we will one day share in this same glory and the earth will become more beautiful. Consequently, we must not lose our serenity and peace even amid the thousands of daily difficulties. The luminous sign of Our Lady taken up into Heaven shines out even more brightly when sad shadows of suffering and violence seem to loom on the horizon.

“We may be sure of it: from on high, Mary follows our footsteps with gentle concern, dispels the gloom in moments of darkness and distress, and reassures us with her motherly hand. Supported by awareness of this, let us continue confidently on our path of Christian commitment wherever Providence may lead us. Let us forge ahead in our lives under Mary’s guidance.”

— Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, August 15, 2006



Novena Prayer to Our Lady

Assumed into Heaven Body and Soul

Asking Her Special Intercession for the return of those who have abandoned the practice of their Catholic Faith

O Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, we believe in your triumphant Assumption into heaven where the angels and saints acclaim you as Queen.

We join them in praising you and bless the Lord Who raised you above all creatures.  With them we offer you our devotion and love.

We are confident that you watch over our daily efforts and needs,  and we take comfort from the faith in the coming resurrection.

We look to you, our life, our sweetness, and our hope.   After this earthly life, show us Jesus, the blest fruit of your womb, O kind, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.   Amen.

Three Hail Mary’s are now prayed in honor of Our Lady’s threefold privilege of being the Daughter of God the Father, the Mother of God the Son, and the Spouse of God the Holy Spirit.

Nov. 1st, 2nd and 3rd: Solemn Eucharistic Adoration (Forty Hours Devotion)

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

New Schedule of Masses, Confessions and Devotions at Salem

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

St. Mary Catholic Church – Salem, S. Dakota

Weekly Schedule of Masses & Confession Times;

Schedule of Public Devotions

[Updated as of April 16, 2013]

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

Sunday – The Lord’s Day: 10:00 am and 12 Noon (Extraordinary Form/Trad. Latin Mass)

Saturday in anticipation of Sunday: 5:00 pm


Tuesday through Friday: 8:20 am

[Usually no public Masses on Mondays, unless otherwise noted in the Parish Bulletin]

Thursday: Additional Mass at 1:30pm at Golden Living Nursing Home in Salem

Saturday morning: 9:00 am (Extraordinary Form/Trad. Latin Low Mass), usually at the Holy Family Side Altar


Vigils of Holydays of Obligation: 7:00 pm

Holydays of Obligation: 8:15 am and 7:00 pm (Extraordinary Form/Trad. Latin Mass)


The Sacrament of Penance & Reconciliation (Confession):

Saturday afternoons: 3:45 – 4:45 pm

Anytime by appointment: Call 605-425-2600



First Sunday of the Month following the 12 Noon Mass:  Devotions in Honor of the Holy Face of Jesus in Reparation for blasphemies and profanation of Sunday and Holydays of Obligation, with Exposition and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament;

25th of the Month, January through November, following 8:20am Holy Mass:  Devotions in Honor of the Child Jesus (also known as “Little Christmas” Devotions);

Eucharistic Adoration:  As announced for certain feasts and days of prayer, and during the Annual Forty Hours Devotion.

Father Lawrence’s email address is:

In the event of an emergency, please call Fr. Lawrence on his cellular phone: 605-421-8557.  Thank you.

November 2nd: Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

On All Souls Day, Friday, November 2nd, following the morning Mass, the children and faculty of St. Mary School, along with about a dozen parishioners, made the formal “Visit to the Parish Cemetery for All Souls Day”.  Father Lawrence led the prayers for the Holy Souls as well as those prescribed for the intentions of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.  After a generous sprinkling with Holy Water, a special treat called “Soul Cakes” were blessed and distributed to the children to enjoy on their return journey to school.

N.B. “Soul Cakes” come to us from Mexico, and are only a small culinary sampling of the rich Latin American Catholic cultural celebration called  “Dia de los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” (All Souls Day).  We thank Mrs. Barbara Stangeland for making the Soul Cakes.


More photos from Forty Hours 2011

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Photos from Forty Hours 2011

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011