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Rogation Days (the Minor Litanies) are next week!

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Rogation Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are next week, and the Rogation Processions will take place around the church before Mass (with the Litany of the Saints).

Historical Note:

April 25th (the Feast of St. Mark), and the three days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) before the traditional celebration of Ascension Thursday, observed to appease God’s wrath, ask protection, and invoke a blessing on the harvest. They were known in England as Gang Days and Cross Week. The Litany of the Saints is chanted in the procession, and the Rogation Mass follows. The older procession of April 25th, called therefore the Major Litany, Christianized a pagan procession in honor of the god Robigus. The institution of the others, adopted in Rome under Pope Leo III as the Minor Litanies, is ascribed to Saint Mamertus of Vienne who, c. 475, ordered processions with special prayers because of calamities which were afflicting the country. Rogation days were dropped from the Church‘s calendar in the reform of 1970, but since 1988 have been revived, especially in farming communities.

Outdoor Shrine to St. Isidore dedicated May 15th

Monday, May 17th, 2010

ST. ISIDORE THE FARMER – HEAVENLY PATRON OF THE AMERICAN FARMER AND FARMING COMMUNITIES:  Salem parishioners should have noticed by now the new shrine to St. Isidore in the rear of St. Mary Church, on the Epistle Side.  The statue was obtained for the parish from Spain by the Carmelites nuns in Alexandria (St. Isidore the Farmer is also Patron Saint of Madrid).


This weekend you will also notice the grotto Shrine to St. Isidore on the east side of the church.  This grotto was made in 1957 by deceased parishioner Wilfred E. Schulte (October 15, 1924-July 16, 2002), and donated to the parish by Jerry & Karla Blindert.  After Jerry carefully dug up the grotto and moved it to the parish (it was very heavy!), Chad Krempges transported it over to his shop, cleaned it and repainted it to brand new appearance.  Now…on the right side of the base of the grotto there was a large capped pipe sticking out, and I (Fr. L..) asked Chad to cut it off. 

Inside the pipe was a time capsule from 1959!  WOW!  Inside the plastic bottle were two holy medals (one of St. Michael and a “four-way” medal of St. Christopher, etc.), a wheat 1959 penny, and a hand-written “History” from Wilfred himself (in beautiful penmanship), dated May 24, 1959(coincidentally, the Feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians, Patroness of the Salem Church).   Special thanks to Jerry & Karla Blindert for donating and transporting the Shrine, to Joe VanHout (who organized the whole project), to Chad Krempges (for cleaning and painting the Shrine), to Bill Eichacker (who helped  Chad & Joe move the Shrine to the parish and painstakingly place it in its new location, to Jim McCormick for painting the statue and adding the gold halo, and to the late Wilfred E. Schulte for being such a fine Catholic gentleman and farmer.  May he rest in heavenly peace!

It was February, 1945 that I moved to this farm with my parents and 2 sisters, Wilma & Dorothy.  The building was in bad shape and the land was infested with cockle burrs, sunflowers & jennys.  We got the farm buildings wired and connected to the REA line in Sept., 1950.  In 1954 we saw water run out of the hydrants & faucets for the first time.  This shrine was erected in 1957.  I was the architect; my father helped some in building it.  On Sunday morning, October 20, 1957, I placed the statue of St. Isidore in the Shrine.  We asked Saint Isidore to pray for all our neighbors & friends and all who pass by on the road or enter the driveway.  Our present Pastor at St. Mary’s Church in Salem is Rev. Father Patrick Conway; the assistant priest is Rev. Father Robert Grabowski.  This history was written by Wilfred Schulte on May 24, 1959.

location of time capsule

Novena Prayer in Honor of St. Isidore the Farmer

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Last Thursday, we started the Novena to St. Isidore the Farmer, and will celebrate his feast on Saturday, May 15th with a special Mass at 10:00am.  For those who have asked for copies of the Novena to St. Isidore we use in Salem, please click here:

 Novena to St. Isidore the Farmer   

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